What's your eating style?

Please read each statement below and then select the answer that best reflects how often it applies to you.

I eat more when I'm feeling stressed, anxious or upset

When trying to lose weight, I try and focus on restricting calories and avoiding certain foods

I skip meals

I will eat out in a café or restaurant, or choose a fast food option because it is quick and easy

I snack whenever food is around me, even if I’m not really hungry

I get so hungry that my stomach feels like a bottomless pit

I eat more food during late afternoon and night time, than I do for the rest of the day

I eat more when I’m bored, lonely, or looking for a distraction

When trying to lose weight, I try and follow certain diet rules that tell me what, when, or how much to eat

If snack foods are in the house or at work, I’ll just eat them

I have a problem stopping eating once I start

I struggle with planning my own meals and snacks in advance

I purchase pre-packaged or ready-made snacks or meals because they are more convenient than preparing my own

Even after eating a meal, I can experience cravings or suddenly feel hungry for something else

When trying to lose weight, I feel guilty when I eat a ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’ food

I eat while doing other things (e.g. watching TV, working, reading, cooking, driving, while on the phone/computer etc.)

I don’t feel full until it’s too late

I snack at night after dinner

My decision to eat or not depends on how busy I am; my schedule; work commitments etc.

For lunch, I will just grab something quick and easy even if I know it isn’t the most healthy option

After starting a new diet or weight loss program, I will ‘fall off the wagon’ by overeating or breaking the rules

Food gives me a lift when I’m feeling down

I struggle with knowing what an appropriate amount or portion of food looks like for me

You cannot proceed to the next stage until you have answered all questions.